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Open to all Breeds

The National Snaffle Bit Association's Riders Cup will be held during Sun Circuit on March 7. The purse, estimated to be $75,000, will be shared between the owner of the horse exhibited and the professional rider/trainer associated with the entry.


For those not familiar with the NSBA Riders Cup program, it hosts an annual event designed to award substantial and sustainable purses to NSBA non pro members and their professional trainers. The Riders Cup offers prize money in Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Trail, Western Riding, Showmanship, Western Horsemanship, and Hunt Seat Equitation events.

To take advantage of the opportunity to compete in the NSBA Riders Cup, all professional riders must be sold through the NSBA Trainer Sale program. Additionally, each owner is required to pay a nomination fee. For more information on the NSBA Riders Cup and the Arizona Sun Circuit go to www.nsba.com 


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Trainers Key To Entry

To begin your nomination, be sure the trainer you designate has been sold in the Trainer Sale. Trainers who donate one month's training and are sold through the NSBA Trainer Sale are eligible for participation in the Riders Cup. Trainers that have not sold one month's training through the Trainers Sale my pay a $500 fee to become eligible to participate. Owners must declare their nomination under the name of a sold trainer.


Eligibility Requirements

All horses require a paid nomination by the owner. Owner nominations are $100 each and must be made under the name of an individual trainer previously donated and sold through the NSBA Trainer Sale.
Nominations to the 2018 Riders Cup are due prior to participation. Entries for individual classes for nominated horses can be sent with the nomination, or can be made at the show.
Owners and exhibitors are required to be current members of NSBA. All horses must be registered and hold a Certificate of Eligibility. If your horse is already enrolled in the NSBA's Breeders Championship Futurity or Stallion Incentive Fund License Program, you already have a Certificate of Eligibility.


Purse Distribution

The Riders Cup purse consists of added money, sold trainers, owner nominations as well as 55% of all paid entries. Distribution of the purse in each class will be split 80% to the horse owner and 20% to the trainer.


Tuesday March 6, 2018

1. Green Trail
2. Junior Trail
3. Senior Trail

Upon completion of Trail/Hunter Derby

4. Limited Open Hunter Under Saddle
5. $2500 Limited Rider Open Western Pleasure
6. $2500 Limited Horse Open Hunter Under Saddle
7. Amateur Select Western Pleasure
8. 3 & 4 YO Non Pro Hunter Under Saddle
9. 3 YO Open Western Pleasure
10. Amateur Select Horsemanship


Wednesday March 7, 2018

11. Novice Non Pro (Youth/Amateur) Showmanship
12. Non Pro (Youth/ Amateur) Showmanship
13. Amateur Select Showmanship
14. Junior Western Riding
15. Senior Western Riding
16. Non Pro (Youth/Amateur) Western Riding
17. Amateur Select Western Riding

Upon completion of Western Riding

18. Novice Non Pro (Youth/ Amateur) Trail
19. Non Pro (Youth/Amateur) Trail
20. Amateur Select Trail

Upon completion of Trail

21. Novice Non Pro (Youth/Amateur) Horsemanship
22. Non Pro (Youth/Amateur) Horsemanship
23. 3 & 4 YO Non Pro Western Pleasure
24. Non Pro (Youth/Amateur) Hunter Under Saddle*
25. Limited Non Pro (Youth/Amateur) Hunter Under Saddle*

*may run concurrently

26. $2500 Limited Horse Open Western Pleasure
27. Non Pro (Youth/Amateur) Western Pleasure*
28. Limited Non Pro (Youth/Amateur) Western Pleasure*

*may run concurrently

29. Novice Non Pro (Youth/Amateur) Hunt Seat Equitation
30. Non Pro (Youth/Amateur) Hunt Seat Equitation






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